Halfway there...

September 21, 2018

Hello there!


I'm currently sitting in the Dubai International Airport at 12:00 AM local time. We left Boston at 11pm and landed in Dubai at 8pm for our layover. Our internal clocks may be a little out of whack but thankfully we were all able to sleep the majority of our 12 hour flight here! I highly recommend flying Emirates if you get the chance. We were well feed, given handy travel bags, and had a large array of movies to choose from. After a few hours wandering around the airport and inspecting the drug stores in true pharmacist fashion we have set up base at our gate.


While we wait for our connection I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to the classmates that are going on this adventure with me! Angela, Caroline, and Travis are all fellow PharmD students in the same year and program as myself. I have a feeling we are going to get to know each other very well by the end of this six week rotation. I asked each of them to give a little blurb about themselves!


My name is Angela Khov and I am a 23 year old from New Hampshire. I love naps, goats, traveling to new places and trying yummy foods! I applied for an international advanced pharmacy practice rotation to further advance my professional experience and to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity. Belville, South Africa was my top choice because I believe this rotation site will be a cultural eye-opening experience as I pursue my practice in pharmacy. One of my passions is to be able to help underserved communities and to inspire them to realize that their health is something they can improve on with proper education and services. I look forward to working with a great group of healthcare professionals and peers throughout the next 6 weeks!



Hi, my name is Caroline and I’m from Buffalo, NY. I love wings, the bills, traveling and trying new cuisines. I’m hoping to become an ambulatory care pharmacist, specializing in either cardiology or infectious diseases. I applied for an international APPE rotation because I wanted to expand my cultural knowledge and in the process, learn how pharmacy is practiced outside the U.S. I’m super excited to learn about pharmacy in a whole new way here in Belville, South Africa as well as explore the beautiful surroundings and try new things!









My name is Travis. I’m from Connecticut. My favorite things are orca whales, ice cream, and Disney world. I really hope to be a clinical or ambulatory pharmacist. I’m doing the South Africa pharmacy rotation because I want to see how different healthcare systems are from the United States. I also want to see all the wild life in South Africa. 










Hopefully the four of us will be able to pull together and make a positive impact during our time in Cape Town.

Alright well it's almost time to start boarding, next time you hear from me will be from Africa!







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